About us

Our company is established in 2004 and mainly offers consultancy services in the field of forestry (forest planning, ecological reconstruction) and ecosystem services evaluation (biodiversity, webmapping, GIS, forest habitats monitoring). In this respect, we have a qualified team with higher education, who is willing to continuously improve and engage in current activities.

Our company has also collaborated in the mapping and characterization of forest habitats subsequently designated as Sites of Community Importance NATURA 2000, because we understand the concept of "Forest as an ecosystem" and not just for timber production. Through these actions, we have tried to present the forest as a complex ecosystem that will always be an exceptional source for society, both for the products it offers and especially for its beneficial effects on the environment.
A concern commenced in 2007 regarding the provision of GIS technology. In this respect, our competencies refer to the design and development of specific GIS-based applications tailored to the needs of customers. The development of personalized software applications has become a desideratum for us, so we try to help our customers achieve better information management, shorten decision-making times, and last but not least, reduce the cost of exploiting descriptive and geospatial information.

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