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Blue Flower

Vision, mission, values


We bring the reality from the forest (the forest ecosystem) into a structured form, in the shortest possible time, for the objective substantiation of decisions.


We are a team of people with care for nature who dedicate their work to share effective tools based on innovation aiming forest process transparency. We are guided by the 10 Forest Design culture points.

We are interested in providing a complete service for our partners. We emphasize our education because we understand the need of the beneficiaries to receive the information in accordance with the realities of the moment.

Our services will always be of the highest quality and will reflect the professionalism of our company.

We will select customers for their attitude and not for the size or financial capacity they have.

We will set the targets in such a way that we can reach full managerial development. All the objectives of our company will be set so that we can achieve success on all aspects of life.


 1. Integrity
We always tell the truth. What we promise, we do.

2. Balance
We are balanced people. For us, family, social, spiritual, and physical aspects are just as important as intellectual and financial aspects.

3. Success
We are dedicated and 100% committed to all our activities. The success of our beneficiaries through our services is priority number 1.

4. Communication
Communication is a very important aspect of a business, so we are aware that any bad talk about colleagues, firm, customers or competitors could lead to the destruction of our company's credibility. We always practice positive communication.

5. Excellency
Okay, that's not enough. Our services are of the highest quality, which we also pass on to our customers.

6. Education
We place great emphasis on continuous education and constant improvement of our capabilities.

7. Constancy
The constancy we practice in everything gives trust to our colleagues and our clients. We get all the projects done and do not stop until we reach the proposed goals. We are disciplined in our work, which leads us to excellent results.

8. Teamwork
A team touches the proposed targets more easily than one person, so we always work with our colleagues and our partners.

9. Wealth
We are rich people ... and our wealth is not just money. It is based on what we have inside and what we convey to those around us. The positive impact we manage to leave behind will define our wealth.

10. Gratitude
We are ready to say "thank you" at any moment. We celebrate our victories and those around us. We are grateful for our capabilities and for having the opportunity to help others achieve personal and professional success.