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Blue Flower

Our story

Our main goal is to make global forest management as objective as possible over the next 20 years so that society and forest owners can overcome manipulation and corruption by exposing the reality of the forest.

We will be the first Romanian company in this industry, present on all continents and serving over 500 customers per month. More precisely, they will enjoy daily the value created by a Romanian service.  For long-term relationships, it's crucial, to tell the truth to every customer and supplier, even when the truth does not put us in a good light. We will not stop until we reach our goals, even if it means making great sacrifices.

On the road to our dream, we will create at least 10 successful inventions, inventions that will benefit our customers in their work and contribute fully to the objective achievement of forest management. If we want to achieve this, we won't compromise on customer experience and service quality despite not having the lowest prices, and we will have to invest in training employees or fire employees who are considered to be good by other companies.

A service that we build will become a standard worldwide in this journey. Through objectivity and transparency of solutions, we will assist forest owners and managers in realizing their potential in a sustainable manner. Through the objective management of forests, the society will have access to the tools it needs to understand and participate in distributing the value created.

We will feel proud that we have done our job well when a documentary is made about us explaining the benefits of objective forest management through the services we provide, and when our message reaches all those who care about preserving the forest in an inspiring way.

Every day we enjoy the journey of our "ship", and through it, we make the Romanians proud of their country.

The story continues!


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